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Fall-related and struck-by-object workplace accidents are the 2nd and 3rd leading causes of job injuries and fatalities. Every day workers are at risk without adequate equipment, training, and prevention systems in place. Our engineered netting systems have been designed and tested for industrial netting applications that meet all required safety measures to reduce injuries and liability.

Designed and tested specifically for industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, and commercial applications, each solution can be custom designed by our engineering team for any configuration.

RackGuard netting is a cost-effective, engineered solution designed to make warehouses safer for employees and visitors alike. RackGuard is installed on the back of storage racking to protect aisle ways, work areas and machinery from products that may become dislodged and fall to the ground below. RackGuard is an engineered “system” consisting of load-rated netting panels, custom engineered offset brackets, engineered frame extensions (when needed), aircraft cable and related rigging hardware. The netting panels are custom fit to accurately protect each and every racking layout. Netting panels that are made-to-measure will provide the safest option for back-of-rack protection.
Bulk stacking is becoming more common in the automotive and distribution industries due to the need for vertical space. This method, which does not use storage racking, can pose a safety risk if collapsed or knocked over by a forklift. Engineered vertical barrier netting systems provide protection by creating a wall of netting along walkways or near workstations. These systems are designed based on the total height, weight, and length of coverage, and are available in freestanding or floor-to-ceiling posts.
Falls from flatbed trucks during loading and unloading operations are increasing due to irregular materials, unbalanced loads, and lack of knowledge about fall protection safety. Companies must implement effective flatbed safety strategies and fall protection equipment for employees and truck drivers. Truck Netting (Flatbed Safety Solutions) can provide necessary fall protection for employees and third-party drivers. These systems create a “soft catch” barrier to safeguard workers and are designed to mount directly to the facility’s floor or wall. They minimize fall protection problems and the need for further training or PPE.
Liftsafe Fall Protection provides custom conveyor netting systems to address aerial conveyor safety concerns in North America. Their systems use high-strength, fire-resistant 1″ mesh netting panels and wire rope to secure product falls with a “soft catch” solution. These systems help prevent injuries, product loss, equipment damage, and high insurance premiums. By installing these systems, companies can protect their employees and reduce the annual cost of injuries and product loss related to overhead conveyors. Liftsafe Fall Protection offers fast quotes to accurately reflect the fall protection needs of your space.
Fall hazards are a major concern in North American fall protection regulations. Netting systems are a safe and effective solution that meet or exceed fall protection requirements. Pit Netting Systems are designed to suit existing service bays and provide a reliable solution with minimal impact on operations. Their unique design allows easy movement and requires minimal modifications to existing automotive service pits. This affordable and reliable system ensures employee and customer safety from potential falls.
The construction industry in North America is a major cause of accidents due to improper safety systems. Liftsafe Fall Protection offers construction netting to protect employees, the public, and liability. Their debris and personal safety netting allows workers to move around construction sites safely. Liftsafe provides heavy-duty netting for high-rise construction and debris containment, meeting ISO 9001 and ANSI 10.11 safety standards. This product is not a fall protection system but is recommended for debris containment. Contact Liftsafe to learn more about their construction netting products.
Liftsafe Fall Protection offers high-quality netting and rigging components for various sports applications, including driving ranges, golf, and baseball. The netting is durable and cost-effective, reducing damaged equipment and preventing accidents. We provide indoor and outdoor sports netting designed to keep facilities, participants, and bystanders safe. With over a decade of experience in the netting industry, Liftsafe Fall Protection has ensured the safety of sports participants and the public. Their netting systems are designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards, making them widely recognized by MOL and OSHA.
Liftsafe Fall Protection offers custom Mezzanine Netting Systems to ensure optimal safety while working on or under mezzanines. Our systems allow workers to safely access equipment without the risk of falling objects, while maximizing space and efficiency. Our mezzanine netting system is an engineered “system” consisting of load-rated netting panels, custom engineered brackets, and related rigging hardware. Each netting panel is custom-made to accurately fit your mezzanine space, and LFP offers multiple netting materials for different load requirements depending on the facility.
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Why Soft Catch Netting?

Our netting is a soft catch product that absorbs energy as an object falls into it. The system disperses energy from impact point to guard frame, cable, and attachment points. Unlike rigid barriers, our nets are allowed to flex at impact, dissipating energy, and providing less excess force to the netting system itself, keeping your personnel and materials safe.

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Liftsafe Fall Protection (LFP) has an in-house engineering team that consults with clients to develop customized fall protection systems for unique applications that require it. Passive or active solutions provided.

Netting Systems

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Protects passersby from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly litigation

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