Ladder Safety Systems

When you require access to your rooftop, but don’t have a rooftop hatch, a fixed access ladder is one of the safest ways to access your rooftop. Many regulations are in place in order to ensure that permanently fixed ladders are safe to use and to ensure they continue to be safe to use for the duration of their lifetime. Our ladders are engineered in order to support reasonable loads, while our cages are designed in order to ensure the safety of the climber, while also ensuring that an appropriate width is available for ease of movement.

The Liftsafe Ladder Fall Protection Checklist

Vertical lifelines

Cable Based Fall Protection

Consider our cable based lifeline system to improve your facility’s safety. Liftsafe Fall Protection cable-based lifelines come in a variety of options and can easily be installed in numerous workplace environments. These lifeline systems will cover larger surface areas than a traditional fall protection system, while easily accommodating your existing facility space without restricting worker mobility. Take a closer look below at the different lifeline systems available.

Fixed access ladder with safety cage

Safety cages

All of our fixed access ladders are designed in order to be a permanent and safe means of rooftop access, and can if needed be built with a cage if the ladder is more than five metres above the grounds, roof or floor level. We will design your rooftop access ladder to ensure that both the ladder and the cage provide your workers with a comfortable, efficient, and safe solution for whenever rooftop access is required.

LadderGuard installation

Leading Edge Fall Protection Guardrail Systems

Our LadderGuard Guardrail systems are counterweighted, freestanding fall protection systems which utilize our nesting base plate design to ensure optimum weight is allotted at engineered approved points while eliminating the need to attach directly to the roof membrane.

Why Our Ladder Safety Systems are Right for You

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We will design and engineer a rooftop access ladder that will be able to meet your specific application needs.

ic Our Ladders c v2

Our ladders are designed in order to be a permanent rooftop access solution.

ic Inspection All Applicable c v2

We also offer an inspection program which will you enable to you to be assured that your fixed access ladder is still meeting all applicable regulations for years to come.

ic Checklists Safety c v2

For applications where the ladder is more than 20 feet high, we will ensure that the safety cage is included in order to be compliant current safety regulations.

ic Platform installed c v2

If required, we will ensure that an intermediate landing/rest platform is installed every 30 feet vertically in order to meet regulations.

ic Falling c v2

With the addition of rooftop access ladder, you will be able to reduce the chance of people from falling when trying to reach the roof.

ic Sound Wall Safe to Use c v2

We will be ensure that the ladder is attached to a structurally sound wall, member of piece of equipment, in order to ensure it is safe to use.

ic Fall Prevention c v2

Liftsafe can also fabricate and install your fixed access ladder in order to ensure it is done safely and properly.

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Rail car access platform | fall protection

Project Feature

This custom designed railcar access ladder was designed to allow easy access to the tops of several styles of railcars. The unit uses a ramp access to accommodate different heights of cars. It also comes with a winch-operated guardrail system that lowers down over the hatch area of the railcar.

When cleaning the tanks with the hatch open, users have access to a man-rated davit/retrieval system. This system is incorporated into the main frame and can be used for an emergency extraction and fall protection when entering the tank. The unit can be towed or moved with fork pockets.

Check out our most recent custom projects featuring a variety of aviation access products, Netting Safety Systems and Fall Protection Equipment designed with a specific task, facility or project in mind.

Fall Protection Guide

Check to see what federal & provincial regulations for working at heights and fall protection are and which RoofGuard systems help you comply.

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