Standard Offset Rack Netting Systems (RackGuard)

RackGuard netting is a cost-effective, engineered solution designed to make warehouses safer for employees and visitors alike. RackGuard is installed on the back of storage racking to protect aisle ways, work areas and machinery from products that may become dislodged and fall to the ground below.

RackGuard netting systems typically use engineered offset brackets to run the cables and allow the netting panels to be installed a certain distance from the face of the racking. This allows for pallet/product overhang. Standard offsets have an allowance for 4” or 6” settings, but offsets are available in sizes ranging from 2” up to 12”.

Why Our Industrial Rack Netting is the Solution for you:

RackGuard is an engineered “system” consisting of load-rated netting panels, custom-engineered offset brackets, engineered frame extensions (when needed), and related rigging hardware. The netting panels are made to order to fit each and every racking layout. RackGuard netting systems have been designed and tested specifically for industrial racking applications and offer different netting materials for different load requirements depending on load weights.

RackGuard Netting Features and Benefits:


Our soft catch RackGuard systems are more cost-effective than the other options on the market. Not only that, engineering-wise, RackGuard netting systems are designed to absorb energy during a fall, resulting in very low stress (if any) on the racking system itself. Steel mesh, on the other hand, is secured directly to the racking and in the event of a product fall, the load is transferred directly to the racking, potentially damaging the frames.


 RackGuard systems have been the industry leader for rack protection for many years, and have proven themselves time and time again by catching product before it hits the ground, preventing potential injury or damage to equipment and product. 


RackGuard not only provides a safe work environment, but it also gives employees that extra feeling of safety while performing their daily duties. An employee who doesn’t have to worry about potential hazards is a more productive employee.


 RackGuard netting panels are treated to meet NFPA 701 standards for fire-retardancy. Netting panels have been tested and rated in accordance with ANSI A10.11, not only individually but as a complete system with all the hardware installed on a racking system and tests made to simulate a real-case product fall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For storage racks, we offer different lengths of offset brackets to allow our systems to fit in the tightest of spaces. Our extension brackets are also available from 1 ft up to 6 ft in height to add attitional storage space to the top of rakcs.

Our netting is designed to catch any fallen product or pallet without any damage to your racking. Wire mesh is typically connected directly to your racks and doesn’t have flexibility. Over time, as equipment or products hit against the wire, it can get damaged and put extra strain on your racking.

Yes, all of our systems include a user manual, custom drawing, and detailed installation instructions. If needed, we offer installation services.

Netting is used anytime a fall or falling object hazard may exist. It is used on racks to protect against falling objects, as well as along walkways and isles to protect workers. These systems are often used in the flu space between racks to protect the product itself from falling and being damaged. Safety netting has numerous applications depending on the facility, including barrier protection from stacked storage, upper-level mezzanine protection, and even truck netting fall protection. There are applications in every corner of your facility.

Get in touch with our netting sales reps, and they can provide you with a Quote Request Form that is easy to fill out. The form asks for information such as the width of your bays, the height of your rack frames, and the weight of the pallets you are looking to protect.

Yes, our netting systems are highly customizable to fit your specific dimensions and applications of your facility space. Liftsafe Fall Protection (LFP) has an in-house engineering team that consults with clients to develop customized systems.

Our netting is typically made of high-strength polyethylene or nylon material, ensuring durability and longevity. It’s designed to withstand object impact and provide reliable fall protection depending on the application. Our nets range in weight capacity depending on your application needs.

Our netting panels are treated to meet NFPA 701 standards for fire-retardancy and have been tested and rated in accordance with ANSI A10.11 and OSHA safety standards. This includes the complete system with all of the hardware installed onto a racking system and tests made to simulate a real-case product falls.

To ensure compliance with regulations, we advise following safety net installation standards. This includes obtaining certification from qualified installers or engineers, conducting testing procedures, maintaining thorough records, and providing worker training.

A comprehensive fall protection plan must consider work nature, site or facility conditions, load capacity, and manufacturer specifications. Proper installation, maintenance, and regular inspection are critical for compliance and effectiveness.

Accumulated debris can compromise the functionality of safety nets and create hazards. Work operations should pause promptly to remove debris or any fallen objects to maintain optimal net performance.

Our team provides safety nets in the exact sizes you need. Our clients will be required to measure from one anchorage point to the next.

Our team provides safety nets in the exact sizes you need. You will be required to measure from one anchorage point to the next for optimal installation and performance.

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