Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems

Rigid rail fall protection systems are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications with minimal fall clearance. Rigid systems come in two forms, trolley systems which utilize existing overhead I-Beams and rigid track or rigid rail fall arrest systems. These systems feature an enclosed track with a self-retracting lifeline for a worker to safely travel the entire span of the track with continuous tie-off.
Unlike a horizontal lifeline, rigid rail systems have limited deflection, which limits free-fall. During a fall arrest scenario with a horizontal lifeline, cable sag causes the traveler to slide to the center-point of the nearest supports. This motion can cause a worker to hit walls and nearby structures during or after a fall. In addition to reduced deflection rates, rigid track or beam style fall protection systems are better suited for accommodating multiple users.
Liftsafe Fall Protection provides regulation compliant ridgid rail systems for ceiling-mounted, jib, travelling, freestanding, adjustable, portable, pic mod and many more applications. Our systems are applicable for facilities that lack overhead anchor points and maintenance tasks that are not consistently confined to a designated work area.
Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, SOR/86-304, Sections 12.01 to 12.09
12.07 (1) Subject to subsection (2), an employer must provide or put in place a fall-protection system if work is to be performed


hazard elimination icon

Hazard Elimination

Changing the work process so the hazard no longer exists (e.g., building a roof on the ground and hoisting it into place)

guardrail icon

Guardrails, Protective Covers, and Warning Barriers

Prevents a fall from unprotected edges or openings at heights.

fall restraint anchor icon

Travel Restraint System

Allows a worker to reach the edge of a fall hazard but not fall over it.

vertical lifeline icon

Fall Restricting System

Designed to limit a fall distance to 0.6 m (2 ft).

fall arrest icon

Fall Arrest System

Designed to stop the fall of a worker before they hit the ground or objects below.

safety net icon

Safety Net

Designed to catch a falling worker before they hit the ground or objects below.

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