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Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc., is a member of the Liftsafe Group of Companies, and we provide a number of different products and services throughout North America and are considered to be an industry leader in fall protection solutions.

We are focused on four distinct market segments:

Guardrail Systems for fall protection

Our RoofGuard fall prevention systems provide a versatile and economical fall protection solution for rooftop falls. Designed in order to require no rooftop penetration our rooftop guardrail meets or exceeds all Ontario MOL requirements, ANSI and OSHA. We have a variety of different fall prevention equipment including our RoofGuard Classic which is able to be customized in order to fit around obstructions.
RoofGuard guardrail system on roof edge | fall protection
Engine access stand in use on tarmac under cowling

Aviation Maintenance systems

We have an extensive line of aviation maintenance systems which are used to service the aviation, transportation and aerospace industry. We have a wide range of different stands including Aviation Platform Stands, Engine Access Stands and Landing Gear Access Stands. Our products are used worldwide and are able to provide a safe working platform for regular maintenance thus allowing for workers to conduct their jobs with piece of mind.

Netting Safety Systems

We have a complete line of netting solutions which are designed to keep you safe! Our extensive line of netting products includes Fall Protection Netting, Truck Netting, RackGuard Netting, Oil Pit Netting, Conveyor Netting and Sports Netting. Our professional engineers with work with you in order to determine what your specific requirements are and design a netting application that meets your safety needs.
RackGuard Netting System
Lifeline Fall Protection at the Roger's Centre | Fall Protection

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

We offer a turn-key fall protection solutions that are not offered as any standard off the shelf products. Our team of experts will work with you in order to evaluate your safety requirements and provide a cost effective solution that will ensure the productivity and safety of your entire work force.
Contact us today for any fall safety concerns you may have. From netting systems, custom solutions and fall prevention equipment we can assist you with finding the perfect fall prevention system.

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