Aircraft Maintenance Platforms and Ladders

Safety in the air, starts on the ground

Aircraft Maintenance Platforms and Ladders

Safety in the air, starts on the ground

At Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. our aircraft maintenance platforms and ladders are engineered for specific aircraft applications to provide safe access for hard to reach places. Working with our customers, we design, engineer, and fabricate custom access stands and ground support equipment for our extensive international customer base. Through rigorous product testing, we have refined our products to perform when it counts.

Below our products are sorted by access area application.

Variable height aircraft entry stand at Air Canada | aircraft maintenance

Aircraft Entry Stands

Designed for maintenance and cockpit crew access to the main deck. The design allows for use in hangar areas as well as line maintenance and ramp applications.

Landing Gear Access stand in use on tarmac

Landing Gear Maintenance Stands

Landing Gear Access Stands provide safe access to all maintenance locations of the main and nose landing gears. The base frame is designed to adjust to most wheel assembly configurations on main and nose gear.

Engine Access stand above cowling at UPS

Engine Access Stands

Our line of engine access stands have been designed to access above and below the cowl. A second line of engine access scroll stands are designed to access under C-duct engine core areas on wide body aircraft.

Wheel Well Access Stands

Wheel Well and Platform Stands

Designed for wheel well and cargo access points for a multitude of aircraft. Optional telescopic side rails ensure safety compliant access to the forward and aft lower cargo holds.

Full wraparound aircraft maintenance platform

Maintenance Platforms

Designed for full nose, tail and wing applications, for a variety of different aircraft. Personnel safety, accessibility, modular construction, maintenance, and ease of set-up are key factors included within design.

Wheel and brake service cart | aircraft maintenance


Aircraft tooling applications designed to easily move materials or access spaces within the aircraft interior. Wheel and brake service carts, nose cowl dollies and interior cabin access ladders.

Engine access stand in use

360° coverage for safe aircraft maintenance

Liftsafe Fall Protection works with aircraft safety and maintenance teams to provide them with platforms, ladders and stands that cover all areas of multiple models of fixed wing aircraft ranging from the most common to obscure. Standard and custom solutions, designed by our in-house team of engineers ensure maximum safety for maintenance personnel and meet strict regulatory compliance for the aviation industry.

For clients in need of additional engineering services related to aviation maintenance, we offer the following services

At Liftsafe Fall Protection we have access to a full in-house engineering, design, and fabrication team. We specialize in Aviation and Aerospace Engineered Solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how our Engineered Solutions can increase safety at your facility, contact us below to request more information.

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