Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Liftsafe Fall Protection (LFP) has an in-house engineering team that consults with clients to develop customized fall protection systems for unique applications that require it. Custom Engineered Fall Protection Solutions can be used for a wide range of applications that can be separated into two different categories. Active and Passive. Passive systems like RoofGuard or Flatbed Truck Netting require no participation or specialized training from an employee. Active systems will require any combination of harnesses, lanyards and up to date training from your employees in order to meet the requirements outlined by the government.


Engine Access Stand built for Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine under cowling

Aviation Engineered Solutions

At Liftsafe Fall Protection we have access to a full in-house engineering, design, and fabrication team. We specialize in Aviation and Aerospace Engineered Solutions.

Anchor point fall protection system | fall protection

Cable Based Lifeline Systems

Liftsafe Fall Protection cable based lifelines come in a variety of options and can easily be installed in numerous workplace environments. Consider our cable based lifeline system to improve your facility’s safety.

Rigid Rail fall arrest system installed on ceiling

Rigid Rail Fall Arrest Systems

Rigid systems come in two forms, trolley systems which utilize existing overhead I-Beams and rigid track or rigid rail fall arrest systems. Systems feature an enclosed track with a self-retracting lifeline for continuous tie-off.

Pick module fall arrest system installed on pallet racks

Pick Module Fall Arrest System

The Pick Module Fall Arrest system is seamless which makes for smoother transitions for the operator as they navigate along the length of the rail. No end loading ensures easier engineering and installation.

Rooftop anchor point with walkway on sloped roof

Anchor Points

Liftsafe Fall Protection offers a range of legally compliant anchor point systems to help you and your workers meet the needs of different industries and working environments.

Mobile rail car fall protection system in use | fall protection

Mobile Fall Protection Systems

Standard and custom mobile fall protection systems that can be adapted for multiple applications. For use when maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment, or heavy machinery.


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At LFP we are focused on collaboration and innovation. Whether you need a custom designed solution, or are simply looking for an “out of the box” product, our process remains laser focused on exceptional service and support.

Phase 1: Design

Simply put, every project is unique. In this phase we will apply a collaborative and consultative approach to define the requirements, to evaluate your needs, and to discuss all possible solutions.

Phase 2: Safety

Our defining philosophy; “safety in the air, starts on the ground”, highlights our core focus of keeping our clients and their teams safe. When developing a solution, our team is committed to providing solutions that incorporate hazard elimination and passive protection into all of our designs.

Regulatory compliance

Phase 3: Compliance

The aviation sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Our staff engineers are up to date on the latest safety regulations and ensure that each piece of equipment meets or exceeds safety compliance standards.

Phase 4: Implement

Launching your project with a phased approach that includes manufacturing, commissioning, revisions and training. Each aircraft maintenance project is subjected to the rigors of real world use and adjusted accordingly until it meets all design criteria. Training on best practices and product use is provided.


Phase 5: Support

Once an aircraft maintenance platform makes it from the design studio into the real world, it is subject to real world conditions and usage. That is why LFP offers an ongoing preventative maintenance and service plan to guarantee easy operation and ongoing customer service years after construction.

Collaborate with our engineering team to get your ideas on paper and test for safety and regulatory compliance. Implement the design in the real world and adjust where needed for a perfect fit. Work with us for ongoing support and maintenance after project completion.
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In house design and engineering team

We are well-equipped and ready to tackle your custom projects.

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Safety is everything

All our products are designed and built in accordance with industry standards.

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Custom design capabilities

One-of-a-kind access products and industrial equipment designed using the latest planning and design software.

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Using the newest technologies, such as SolidWorks software, in combination with our streamlined processes.

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Not only meets but exceeds compliance standards, including ANSI, OSHA and Cal/OSHA.

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Customer Service

We strive to provide the best experience possible while meeting and exceeding project expectations.

We meet all your custom product needs from start to finish. Our in-house engineering team will ensure quick sign-off on all custom orders and testing while meeting the exact specifications required for your facility.

You can expect top-of-the-line products and excellent customer service. From design to implementation, our team will walk you through the process and help you reach the best solution for your facility needs.

To request a consultation, please fill out the form attached to this page and we will reach out to book a consultation that fits into your schedule. You can also contact us directly at:


  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely.
  • Assess areas on your rooftop that require access.


  • Are my employees or contractors at risk of a fall?
  • Am I exposing my company to unnecessary fines?


  • Provide the right fall protection equipment.

Most jurisdictions require the use of specific fall protection measures before, or in addition to, personal protective equipment (PPE). These measures generally include the use of some of the following:

  • fixed barriers (e.g., handrails, guardrails),
  • surface opening protection (e.g., covers, guardrails, etc.),
  • warning barriers/control zones,
  • fall or travel restraint systems (i.e., a system to prevent a worker from falling from a work position, or from travelling to an unguarded edge from which the worker could fall),
  • fall containment system (e.g., safety nets),
  • fall arrest systems (i.e., a system that will stop a worker’s fall before the worker hits the surface below).

There may also be specific legal requirements around use of equipment like ladders and scaffolding.

Occupational health and safety laws generally require action when a worker has the potential to fall about 3 metres (10 feet). In most cases, fall protection is required when:

  • other means of fall protection are not available or possible, such as guardrails,
  • working at a height of 3 metres or more (permanent and/or temporary work areas),
  • working at a height of less than 3 metres when the surface below could cause a greater injury than just the fall (e.g., machinery; risk of drowning in water or other liquid; open tanks, vats, or pits containing hazardous materials; materials that can shift),
  • a worker may fall through an opening in the work surface,
  • it is determined that fall protection is necessary.

More information on fall protection can be found at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

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Check to see what federal & provincial regulations for working at heights and fall protection are and which RoofGuard systems help you comply.

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