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This custom Tailored Aviation Platform Stand was engineered and manufactured by Liftsafe Fall Protection for a major automotive manufacturing company. Through the use of aviation solutions and specific end user operational requirements, we were able to provide the customer with a custom unit based on the -03 platform stand, creating the DF07GMSTAND-01. The unit has an altered platform, modified height adjustable range and revised geometry.
This repurposed Tailored Aviation Platform Stand, meets and exceeds ANSI, OSHA, CSA, BSS and CE standards. Yet another example of today’s safety, ergonomics and multi-functionality demanded in industrial applications, manufacturing and Maintenance Organizations. This custom Tailored Aviation Platform Stand has full safety compliance features such as: one-handed raising and lowering of the safety rails, fall restraint tie- offs and hydraulically actuated raising and lowering of the unit with built- in safety locks in the valve units. No extra steps are required to engage the safety lock.
Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System in use

Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has designed a custom engineered rail car system that provides fall protection for workers loading and unloading railcars. The rail car system provides safe access to the top of a train and moves on a trolley system that allows the operator to open at multiple points on the track.

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