Custom Long Span Lifeline at a Hydro Dam


Horizontal Lifeline






Fall Protection

Among our many lifeline projects was a long span lifeline for a hydro dam. Due to the potential for large debris (trees, ice jams) during high-water events, no intermediate cable supports could be utilized. The system spans the entire dam with a higher tension system that included heavy-duty end anchors to help keep the cable sag as low as possible. Nearly every horizontal lifeline has a few unique elements that require expertise and a lot of experience.
Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System in use

Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has designed a custom engineered rail car system that provides fall protection for workers loading and unloading railcars. The rail car system provides safe access to the top of a train and moves on a trolley system that allows the operator to open at multiple points on the track.

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