Combination of Fall Protection Systems to Create a Custom Lifeline System


Custom Horizontal Life Line System, Track System, Anti-slip Stairs and Walkway




Horizontal Life Line

A custom lifeline system was designed and installed on a roof that requires regular access. This system required a specific solution that combined multiple fall protection systems, including a lifeline, track system, anti-slip stairs and walk way. With the help of the Liftsafe Fall Protection in-house engineering team, this client was able to have a unique solution to their fall protection needs that included the proper sign-off and testing requirements completed. Installation was completed by LFP’s highly qualified installation team.
Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System in use

Rail Car Unloading Fall Protection System

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has designed a custom engineered rail car system that provides fall protection for workers loading and unloading railcars. The rail car system provides safe access to the top of a train and moves on a trolley system that allows the operator to open at multiple points on the track.

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