Roofguard Warning Lines

Warning barriers and bump lines prevent falls by alerting workers to fall hazards. Warning barriers and bump lines should be set up around the work area at least 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches) from unprotected edges.

When a work area is enclosed by properly installed and maintained warning barriers or bump lines, work inside the area can be done without additional fall protection measures. But anyone outside the area who is working less than 2 metres from the edge must use approved fall protection.

Death of worker results in $100,000 fine for Ontario Company

The Company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure workplace safety standards were met, as outlined in the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Companies are required to protect their workers with a guardrail system or another fall prevention method.

The Ontario man succumbed to his injuries and passed away less than two weeks later.

Do the right thing; protect your employees/company with a passive fall protection system.

Warning line system on school roof | RoofGuard

Why RoofGuard Warning Line Systems are an Ideal Solution:

These warning line systems are designed for accessing areas of a flat rooftop that are nearing the roof edge (but not within 2m) to provide a visual warning to workers that are approaching a hazard. The system is freestanding, eliminating the need to pierce the roofing membrane, exposing the system to leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Warning line systems are designed for accessing areas of a flat rooftop that are nearing the roof edge (but not within 2m) to provide a visual warning to workers that are approaching a hazard.
  • No. RoofGuard Warning Lines have been designs to be freestanding and require no rooftop penetration.
  • Warning lines can only be used on a low sloped roof. There are also specific requirements for the type of work being performed on the roof.
  • We strongly recommend that any RoofGuard System is installed by one of our certified installers to ensure proper installation and compliance with legislation. Systems come with an installation manual, engineered drawings and can be performed with one tool.
  • Yes. Warning lines will integrate with each applicable RoofGuard System to create a fully compliant elevated areas for workers who are working at heights.
  • A warning line is a barrier such as rope, wire, or chain that warns workers they are approaching an unprotected edge of a roof, floor, or other work surface. RoofGuard warning lines include brightly coloured flags to mark off where the line is.
  • Contact us, and we will get in touch to walk you through what you need to provide in order to generate an accurate quote. Dimensions, blueprints and images are all helpful in determining the details of what your roof requires.

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RoofGuard Line of Products

An investment in fall protection

Cost-effective working at heights safety solutions

Safe and reliable engineered fall protection solution

Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI safety standards and regulations

Protects employees from injury or death from potential accidents working at heights

Reduces the potential for costly fines and high insurance premiums

All individual components are under 40 lbs

Reduces PPE and training requirements of staff and contractors

Simple and quick installations that require only one tool


The Hierarchy of Fall Protection Solutions

Elimination of Hazards

Passive Systems

Fall Restraint

Fall Arrest

Fall Protection Guide

Check to see what federal & provincial regulations for working at heights and fall protection are and which RoofGuard systems help you comply.

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