Tail Dock Platforms (Fixed-Wing)

Our custom tail access platforms allow maintenance personnel to work both safely and efficiently around the tail section of your aircraft while protecting it from damage. Our access platforms include options for pneumatic or power hook-ups, tool trays and removable railings for ease of use by maintenance personnel. Functionality improves with a lighter design, smaller footprint and greater geometry. These stands are currently in use at multiple operators, MRO’S and aircraft manufacturers. Stands are constructed with premium materials and products in our CWB certified facility, while exceeding all federal and provincial regulatory requirements including OHSA and ANSI.
Specializing in customized aircraft maintenance stands and platforms. Browse our previous projects for aircraft specific models below.
If your aircraft isn’t listed, contact us and we can work with you to either find a solution from our extensive archive or develop a solution that fits your specific needs.
At LFP we are focused on collaboration and innovation. Whether you need a custom designed solution, or are simply looking for an “out of the box” product, our process remains laser focused on exceptional service and support.

Phase 1: Design

Simply put, every project is unique. In this phase we will apply a collaborative and consultative approach to define the requirements, to evaluate your needs, and to discuss all possible solutions.

Phase 2: Safety

Our defining philosophy; “safety in the air, starts on the ground”, highlights our core focus of keeping our clients and their teams safe. When developing a solution, our team is committed to providing solutions that incorporate hazard elimination and passive protection into all of our designs.

Regulatory compliance

Phase 3: Compliance

The aviation sector is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Our staff engineers are up to date on the latest safety regulations and ensure that each piece of equipment meets or exceeds safety compliance standards.

Phase 4: Implement

Launching your project with a phased approach that includes manufacturing, commissioning, revisions and training. Each aircraft maintenance project is subjected to the rigors of real world use and adjusted accordingly until it meets all design criteria. Training on best practices and product use is provided.


Phase 5: Support

Once an aircraft maintenance platform makes it from the design studio into the real world, it is subject to real world conditions and usage. That is why LFP offers an ongoing preventative maintenance and service plan to guarantee easy operation and ongoing customer service years after construction.

Collaborate with our engineering team to get your ideas on paper and test for safety and regulatory compliance. Implement the design in the real world and adjust where needed for a perfect fit. Work with us for ongoing support and maintenance after project completion.

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