Crane and Platform Aviation Case Study

Providing a custom solution for a Canadian airline to better maintain and repair aircraft

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By incorporating jib cranes to each side of a custom engineered nose dock platform, our team was able to to provide a safe and efficient lifting apparatus for windshield changes.


Due to the pandemic, the aviation industry has faced many complications that have made recovery in a post-COVID world difficult. Because of this, there are much fewer personnel that work in maintaining aircraft, which leads to longer repair times, more delays and lost revenue for the airline. Needing to boost productivity while also keeping the workspace safe, a major Canadian airline teamed up with Liftsafe Fall Protection to craft a solution for safely performing windshield changes on large aircraft.

Liftsafe Fall Protection engineered nose docks, one for each side of the aircraft, with jib cranes positioned on the end of each. These cranes make the task of replacing aircraft windshields much safer and much more efficient.

Typically, this would require multiple ladders, using poor body mechanics to lift and position, causing injury or damage to the aircraft. On top of that, it would require moving the ladders to adjust to the work environment, which would cause repairs to take a greater amount of time. With the custom nose dock, designed and built by Liftsafe Fall Protection, repair time is significantly cut and worker safety is increased by a large degree, allowing for fewer delays and significant revenue recovery for the airline.

A crane and platform system that allows workers to efficiently and safely uninstall and reinstall aviation windshields

“The real benefit here is safety. The risk of injury is much higher on ladders and there is a huge potential to lose staffing hours to injuries.”
— Scott Lyman - Director of Aviation Sales