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At Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. our products are engineered for specific aircraft applications to provide safe access for hard to reach places. Working with our customers, we design, engineer, and fabricate custom access stands and ground support equipment for our extensive international customer base. Through rigorous product testing, we have refined our products to perform when it counts.

Below our products are sorted by their most which area(s) of the aircraft they are most often used in order to access.

Landing Gear Access Stand Aviation Platform Stand

Our line of engine access stands have been designed to access the top of the engine under the cowl. Whereas the engine access scroll stands are designed to access under C-duct engine core areas on large engine wide-body aircraft.

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Landing Gear

The Landing Gear Access Stands provide safe access to all maintenance locations of the main and nose main landing gear. The base frame is designed to adjust to most wheel assembly configurations on main and nose gear.

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Wheel Well

The Aviation Platform Stand has been designed for maintenance access to a multitude of aircraft, requiring a safe platform for either 1 or 2 technicians (660 lbs. capacity).

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Aircraft Access Stand Aviation Tire Trailer Nose Cowl Access
Aircraft Entry

The Aircraft Access/Entry Stand has been designed for maintenance and cockpit crew access to the main deck.

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Delivery Systems

The Aviation Tire Trailer was designed to provide safe and quick transportation of aircraft tires, brakes and required tooling while maintaining the storage requirements of regulatory bodies,

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Nose Cowl

The Nose Cowl Dolly allows for the safe removal and installation of the nose cowl without the need for an overhead crane. This is a ready to ship AOG unit, which has a light-weight, and compact shipping configuration.

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Cabin Interior Access Stand
Cabin Interior

The Cabin Interior Stand is ideal for use in the economy aisle and is to fit over-designed most economy and some business class seats. It has been designed as a single worker unit with a capacity of 330 lbs. It is collapsible for easy carrying and storage.

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We offer many additional services on top of our ground support equipment, learn more about these services below. 

Custom Solutions Aircraft Tooling Meet Our Trusted Partners
Aviation Engineered Solutions

Aviation Engineered Solutions are designed specifically for the Aviation Industry. At Liftsafe Fall Protection we have access to a full in-house engineering, design, and fabrication team.

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Aircraft Tooling & Equipment

At Liftsafe Fall Protection we do not take aircraft maintenance lightly. We combine to provide the most comprehensive product and service offerings throughout North America.

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Meet Our Trusted Partners 

In order to ensure we are able to provide optimum service, Liftsafe Fall Protection has partnered with some of the most influential industry leaders.

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