How to Become Compliant with the New US Rooftop Safety Standards

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Within the past year and a half, there have been several new rooftop safety standards added. To make it easier to become compliant, we have listed the top 5 that you should be taking immediate action to remedy.

1) Certification of Anchorages ­
Due by November 20, 2017 [Section 1910.27(b)(1)]

How to Become Compliant: 

Anchorage points should be certified by a qualified person. This will ensure that your anchorage points are up to current standards and in the appropriate locations for frequent use. Having certified anchorage points will provide the optimal level of contractor and worker safety when they are accessing and working on rooftops.

2) Must Equip Existing Fixed Ladders with a Cage, Well, Ladder Safety System, or Personal Fall Arrest System ­
Due by November 19, 2018 [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(A)]

3) Must Begin Equipping New Fixed Ladders with Ladders Safety System or Personal Fall Arrest ­
Due by November 19, 2018 [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(B)]

4) Fixed Ladders Must be Equipped with  a Ladder Safety System or Personal Fall Arrest System
Due by November 18, 2036 [Section 1910.28(b)(9)(i)(D)]

How to Become Compliant: 

Gargoyle Ladder Guardrail:  Gargoyle Ladder Guardrail can be placed around the top of the fixed access ladder to protect users when entering and exiting a rooftop. Gargoyle Rooftop Guardrail Systems by Factory Supply are non-penetrating rooftop guardrail systems, designed to eliminate the potential hazard from rooftop falls. With simplicity in mind when developed, this rooftop guardrail system can be quickly and easily assembled and installed on most rooftops.

Install a Ladder Cage (Only for existing ladders): Ladder cages offer a safe way to reach your rooftop. They can often be engineered and custom fabricated for your specific application needs.

Fall Arrest Solutions: For ladders that require a Ladder Safety or Fall Arrest system, Factory Supply has standard products that can apply in most situations. For more complicated applications Factory Supply also has an in-house engineering team that includes experts in fall protection that can help you find a solution specific to your situation.

5) Must Train Employees on Fall and Equipment Hazards ­
Due by May 17, 2017 [Section 1910.30(a)and(b)]

How to Become Compliant: 

To become compliant employees must receive regular training to understand any potential hazards that they may encounter when working on rooftops and have working equipment.

Bonus: Fixed Access Ladder Inspections

Make sure your fixed access ladders have their annual inspections and are regularly maintained to ensure that your contractors and employees will be safe when they use them.