RoofGuard Rooftop Guardrail Systems

Rooftop Guardrail Systems or Safety Railings are passive fall protection systems that meet or exceed the legislative requirements for working at heights in Canada. They eliminate the need for active fall protection equipment such as harnesses and lanyards, roof anchor systems, horizontal lifelines, and ongoing training requirements.

What is RoofGuard?

RoofGuard is a freestanding modular guardrail system that is counterweighted in order to meet lateral force requirements. This design facilitates swift and effortless installations without the need for welding, drilling or bolting into the actual roof structure. Without direct or permanent attachments to the rooftop, resealing is not required, ensuring that unexpected leaks do not occur.

With our all-new, redesigned nesting baseplates are stackable, which allows for a number of benefits such as stability on various roof surfaces, ease of use when installing (moving baseplates to different areas of a job site) and use on metal, various membranes and BUR style roofing. Furthermore, RoofGuard can be reconfigured during installation to work in almost any situation. Options are available in convenient kit formats or custom solutions as required.

Have peace of mind knowing that each of our RoofGuard Rooftop Guardrail systems comes with a sign-off from our in-house engineering team. And as a passive solution, RoofGuard Rooftop Guardrail is the preferred method of fall protection as training your staff is not required.

RoofGuard Classic is a versatile, economic and modular fall protection system designed to protect employees performing job functions at or near the leading edge of a rooftop. Systems are freestanding and non-penetrating. Meaning, they meet the lateral force requirements set out in industry standards and by law while also not requiring installers to drill holes or otherwise attach systems to the roof.

Standard sizes available as well as custom configurations.

HatchGuard is a freestanding Hatch Guardrail system, which is non-penetrating and safely protects workers from fall through open roof hatches. These systems meet the necessary lateral force requirements set out in fall protection standards and by law. They also come equipped with a spring loaded self closing gate that swings shut automatically for further protection with no participation needed by the user.

Standard sizes available as well as custom configurations.

The RoofGuard Skylight Guardrail system allows for optimum use of your skylight while ensuring that it does not become a fall protection liability. Each system meets or exceeds the lateral force requirements set out in standards and by law. They will address all of your fall protection concerns without blocking light coming through your skylights.

Standard sizes available as well as custom configurations.

Warning lines or bump lines prevent falls by alerting workers to fall hazards. Warning lines are set up to create a safety zone around the work area from unprotected edges and holes. Safety zone dimension requirements can vary depending on the work being performed. Each system meets or exceeds the standard and regulatory requirements for bump lines throughout North America.

The system is freestanding, eliminating the need to pierce the roofing membrane, potentially exposing the system to leaks.

RoofWalk is designed to create a sure footed walkway on your rooftop. This fully customizable walkway system is non-slip and is installed above the roof membrane (much like RoofGuard itself). Not only does this system protect your roof from damage by being non penetrating but it also integrates with other RoofGuard systems like Classic, RoofStep and LadderGuard.

RoofStep gives you the option of two unique and innovative parapet ladder systems (ladder and crossover) that allow users to move safely up and over an obstruction or between levels. These systems are freestanding and modular. They can also be customized to fit the users specific requirements. They meet or exceed all standards and laws related to ladders (for this use case), and working at heights.

LadderGuard helps you avoid Working at Heights non compliance. These guardrail systems are designed to create an egress from the leading edge of a rooftop when entering or exiting a fixed access ladder. These systems are freestanding, modular and can be customized to attach to a variety of different ladder and grab bar configurations.

RoofGuard Xpress is designed with pre-fabricated rail sections which can be installed and dismantled quickly for temporary applications without sacrificing quality or safety. These systems are freestanding and non-penetrating so they require no holes in your roof membrane to install.

Systems can be ordered in different multiples of six feet and nine feet or combinations using both.

Roofguard Platform Guardrail

RoofGuard Platforms

Liftsafe Fall Protection designs, engineers and fabricates custom rooftop maintenance platforms to protect your employees while working at heights. Equipment maintenance may require elevated access on a rooftop, which can put employees at risk. The use of railed platforms surrounding the equipment will eliminate the risks while improving work performance and productivity.

We work with a number of different industries (including the aviation industry) and our products meet the highest standards.

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RoofGuard Classic Systems for Edge Protection

This RoofGuard Classic rooftop guardrail system was installed at a food processing facility in order to allow for safe access to rooftop mechanical equipment and security cameras.

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Liftsafe Fall Protection (LFP) has an in-house engineering team that consults with clients to develop customized fall protection systems for unique applications that require it. Passive or active solutions provided.

Working at Heights Laws in Canada

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    Roofguard Platform Guardrail

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