Oil Pit Netting

Fall hazards are a Major concern when an opening in the floor is not properly protected. According to Ministry and OSHA fall protection regulation, such openings Must be guarded or covered when not in use.

Oil pit service bays are a major fall protection hazard, both for employees and customers. When vehicles are not in the bay, the pit needs to be protected from potential falls. Our unique and completely custom system provides reliable fall protection for employees and ensures compliance with the Ministry’s requirements.

Our Oil Pit Netting Systems will be specifically designed in order to suit your application and will provide a reliable solution with minimal impact on day-to-day operations. Our unique design allows for easy movement of the netting and requires no modification to the existing automotive service pits (some welding of lugs is required to install the cables).

Don’t risk expensive Ministry fines for compliance violations. Our affordable and reliable system is the solution you need to keep employees and customers safe from potential falls.

Oil Pit Netting

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have different lengths of offset brackets to allow our system to fit in the tightest of spaces.

We offer rack extensions that incorporate our offset bracket so that you can add height to your rack frames and protect your highest pallets.

Our netting is designed to catch any fallen product or pallet without any damage to your racking. Wire mesh is typically connected directly to your racks and doesn’t have flexibility. Over time, as equipment or products hit against the wire, it can get damaged and even put extra strain on your racking.

Yes, all of our systems include a user manual, custom drawing, and detailed installation instructions. If needed, we offer installation services.

We offer complete rack netting systems to protect the back and sides of your rack, as well as horizontal netting to protect tunnel bays or pic modules.

Netting is used anytime a fall hazard may exist. It is used along walkways and isles to protect workers, but is often used in the flu space to protect the product itself from falling and being damaged.

Get in touch with our sales reps, and they can provide you with a Quote Request Form that is easy to fill out. The form asks for information such as the width of your bays, the height of your rack frames, and the weight of the pallets you are looking to protect.

Oil Pit Netting Features and Benefits:

Designed for You

All of our oil pit netting systems are designed specifically for your open pits dimensions in order to ensure a proper fit. This also helps to ensure that the oil pit netting will work when you need it to.


Our oil pit netting systems are built with high tensile strength netting, which will help to prevent injury to both customers and employees. Our netting systems have been designed in order to withstand industry use and will help to prevent injury to customers and employees.


These oil pit netting systems have been designed in order to either meet or exceed OSHA and Ministry requirements. Allowing for you too not only be safe but compliant at the same time!

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Netting Systems

Protecting people and products

Customized systems fit to your facility needs

Protects employees from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly fines and high insurance premiums

Cost effective safety solution

Meets or exceeds all OHSA, MOL, and applicable Canadian safety standards

Safe and reliable engineered solution

Protects passersby from injury or death from falling objects

Reduces the potential for costly litigation

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