Standard Parapet Crossover Platform Kits (5 step, 4 step and 3 step)

Eliminate the potential of rooftop trip hazards over piping and other rooftop obstructions with RoofStep XS Series. This anti-skid walkway is designed in order to allow workers to safely move over obstructions located on the same roof level. With the addition of this pathway on your rooftop, you will be able to extend the life of your roof and prevent any damage from occurring to piping and other obstructions that are located on it. By preventing rooftop traffic from walking over or around obstructions on the roof you not only prevent injuries from occurring, but you also decrease the amount of time it will take to complete work on the roof.

This rooftop crossover system is completely customized for your rooftop in order to allow for the safe maneuverability of workers or contractors over any hazard that may be present on your roof. These rooftop work platforms are also designed in order to blend in with the existing roof aesthetics and can be customized in order to have anywhere from one step to several. When coupled with our RoofWalk System and RoofGuard Classic Guardrail System you will have a complete rooftop safety system and ensure the safety of both your roof and workers/contractors.

These crossover platform systems have been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSI, OSHA, Canadian OHS & WorkSafeBC.

Does your rooftop have Workers Accessing it?

If you answered yes, then RoofGuard Guardrail is required as mandated by the below legislation.

MOL Industrial Establishments Regulation 851: Section 13 (1)(a) (1) Subject to subsection (2), there shall be a guardrail. (a) around the perimeter of an uncovered opening in a floor, roof or other surface to which a worker has access

roofstep 3 by 3 crossover platform rendering

RoofStep 3-3 XS

Up 3′ / 36″ top-mid rails/down 3′. With diagonal bracing upper and lower for stability. Includes 36″ long platform connected between the two top rungs.
RoofStep 4 by 4 crossover platform rendering

RoofStep 4-4 XS

Up 4′ / 36″ top-mid rails/down 4′. With diagonal bracing upper and lower for stability. Includes 36″ long platform connected between the two top rungs.
roofstep 5 by 4 crossover platform rendering

RoofStep 5-4 XS

Up 5′ / 36″ top-mid rails/down 4′. With diagonal bracing upper and lower for stability. Includes 36″ long platform connected between the two top rungs.
roofstep 5 by 5 crossover platform rendering

RoofStep 5-5 XS

Up 5′ / 36″ top-mid rails/down 5′. With diagonal bracing upper and lower for stability. Includes 36″ long platform connected between the two top rungs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Each RoofGuard system is designed to be freestanding and not require any drilling into your roof membrane. This is also true of RoofStep Ladder and Crossover systems, which also don’t require permanent attachment to your wall either.
  • Yes. A parapet wall would be similar to a guardrail system as long as it meets the minimum height requirement set out by Working at Heights legislation in your province. In Ontario the minimum height is 48 inches.
  • We strongly recommend that any RoofGuard System is installed by one of our certified installers to ensure proper installation. Systems come with an installation manual, engineered drawings and can be performed with one tool.
  • Yes. RoofStep Ladder and Crossover systems will integrate with RoofGuard, since each system is modular and fully customizable. This enables end users to create a fully compliant system for workers who are working at heights.
  • RoofStep is most commonly used for access up and over parapet walls. It is also used for other obstructions which cause a tripping hazard such as pipes, gaps and other hazards.
  • Contact us, and we will get in touch to walk you through what you need to provide in order to generate an accurate quote. Dimensions, blueprints and images are all helpful in determining the details of what your roof requires.

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Why our Fall Prevention Systems are Right for You

All of the RoofGuard products are a cost-effective fall prevention solution.

All of our rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to meet or exceed all North American Safety Standards.

With the addition of one of our rooftop fall prevention devices, you will be able to reduce PPE and training requirements of your staff and contractors.

All of our rooftop guardrail systems are safe and reliable fall prevention solutions.

Designed in order to be easily installed, many of our rooftop fall prevention systems can be installed with a single tool.

These fall prevention devices will help protect your employees from injury or death.

With the addition of a rooftop guardrail system, you will be able to reduce the potential for costly fines.

Every single one of the individual components used within these rooftop guardrail systems weighs under 40lbs.

Passive Vs Active Fall Protection

When a hazard assessment is completed, and a need for fall protection is established, there are two general types of systems that can solve the need and keep the workers safe, passive or active fall protection.

Passive Fall Protection
A “passive” fall protection system refers to a system that is non-dynamic, stationary, and does not move or adapt or change when in or out of use. They do not require the use of Personal Protective Equipment or active participation from the worker. Typical passive solutions include Guardrails or Netting Systems. This is the preferred choice for its ease of use without the need for additional training and PPE.
Active Fall Protection
An “active” Fall Protection System requires the use of special equipment and participation by the worker. There are two types of Active Fall Protection Systems, fall restraint and fall arrest systems. These systems share the common feature of securing the worker wearing a full-body harness to an anchorage point with some type of connecting system, depending on the application. Active Fall Protection Systems include Fall Arrest Anchors, Roof Anchors, and Safety Harness’.

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Fall Protection Guide

Check to see what federal & provincial regulations for working at heights and fall protection are and which RoofGuard systems help you comply.

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