18′ Guardrail Fall Prevention Kit

Our most popular rooftop guardrail system offers 18ft of leading edge protection with two 6ft sections for weighted ballast. The hinged, variable fitting in the centre of the 18ft section allows for complete versatility when setting the systems up. It can be straight, at 90 degrees, or anything in between, depending on the requirements.

The best way to ensure the safety of your workers is to plan ahead and implement a fall prevention solution within the areas of your rooftop that require access.

This free-standing guardrail system comes pre-engineered in a singular crate; most parts are pre-assembled with easy to follow instructions and a singular tool for installation. Our free-standing, portable, modular systems are constructed with corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum tubing and utilize counter-weighted baseplates, so no roof penetration is required meaning that your roof remains intact.

Our unique, low-profile, stackable baseplates are designed to weigh only 40 lbs and are designed with a carry handle allowing for an easy, ergonomically friendly installation.

RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC.

Rooftop Guard Rail Features and Benefits: 

No Rooftop Penetration Required Single Tool for Assembly Questionnaire Checklist Regulations
These rooftop guardrail systems are designed to have a maintenance-free finish.  All of our guardrail systems are able to be installed easily and use a single tool for assembly. These fall prevention guardrail systems can be utilized on a variety of applications including being used to offer full rooftop coverage. All of our rooftop guardrail systems meet or exceed all major North American governing bodies fall protection requirements.
Able to be Quickly Assembled Questionnaire Checklist Safe and Reliable Prevent Falls
These rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to be able to quickly and easily be assembled. Don't let safety take a back seat, these rooftop guardrail systems can be used in a variety of situations on your rooftop to ensure the safety of your contractors and employees. These fall prevention systems create a protective boundary around the hazard without causing any damage to the roof or roof membrane. Prevent employees and contractors from falling when working on your rooftop by providing a fall prevention guardrail system.

Rooftop Guardrail Specifications:

Rooftop Guardrail Kit
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum tubing
  • 1.5” Schedule 40 handrail tube
  • Aluminum or Galvanized fittings to resist corrosion
  • Minimal tools required for assembly
  • These rooftop guardrail kits can be set up in order to fit around obstructions
  • Fittings can accommodate sloped roof sections up to 5% grade
  • Self-weighted bases are portable and allow simple, non-penetrating installation to the rooftop.

RoofGuard Classic 18' Kit Components:

  • Single tool supplied for assembly
  • Complete installation manual and layout drawings
  • 9 Counterweighted baseplates
  • 5 Rubber mats in order to protect the rooftop membrane
  • 5 Pre-Assembled vertical posts
  • 8 Horizontal Rails
  • Set Screws
  • Variable fittings between sections, allowing for flexibility during installation
  • All parts and materials are supplied in a single crate

Reasons Why RoofGuard Classic is the Solution for You: 

With the addition of this rooftop guardrail system, you will be able to ensure your workers/contractors are able to stay safe when working on your rooftop. This rooftop guardrail system is also one of our most versatile kits can be straight, at 90 degrees, or anything in between, depending on your requirements, allowing for you to ensure optimum safety for your employees and contractors.

The Images Below Show Possible Kits Configurations: 

Rooftop Guardrail Kit Rooftop Guardrail Kit Rooftop Guardrail Kit

Why our Fall Prevention Systems are Right for You:

Cost Effective Regulations Reduces Training Costs Safe and Reliable
All of the RoofGuard products are a cost-effective fall safety solution. All of our rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to meet or exceed all North American Safety Standards.


With the addition of one of our rooftop fall prevention devices, you will be able to reduce PPE and training requirements of your staff and contractors. All of our rooftop guardrail systems are safe and reliable fall prevention solutions.
 Single Tool for Assembly Prevent Falls Reduce the potential for fines Light Weight Components
Designed in order to be easily installed, many of our rooftop fall prevention systems can be installed with a single tool. These fall prevention devices will help protect your employees from injury or death. With the addition of a rooftop guardrail system, you will be able to reduce the potential for costly fines. Every single one of the individual components used within these rooftop guardrail systems weighs under 40lbs.

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