Construction and Debris Netting

Liftsafe Fall Protection is a leader in the fall protection industry and has extensive experience in netting systems designed to ensure high rise construction projects are safe.

Our systems are designed to be installed quickly ensuring your job site is safe and that all debris is contained in the case of an accident.

Every year throughout North America there are hundreds of accidents and thousands of unreported accidents that occur due to improperly installed or non-existent Fall Protection Systems. We can help.


Personnel Safety Netting for Sports Stadium

Liftsafe Fall Protection designed and installed safety netting for the lighting decks of this stadium.

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Debris/Fall Protection Netting in Downtown Toronto

Installed on a major high rise construction project our Debris/Fall Protection Netting protected not only the general public from falling materials, but the workers from potential falls. Have a look!

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Fall Protection Netting Project

Our Fall Protection Netting was installed on a major construction project.

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Debris Netting

Liftsafe Fall Protection was contacted to install Debris Netting.

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Sick Kids Hospital Fall Protection Netting

Fall Protection Netting was installed at Sick Kids Hospital during their building construction.

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