Custom RoofStep System for Multilevel Access


Custom RoofStep Ladder Series (LD), RoofGuard Classic




RoofStep Ladder Series for multilevel access and RoofGuard Classic for roof edge protection

Custom designed RoofStep fall protection system using two of our standard 6ft RoofStep Kits. This fall protection system enabled our client to access to the roof via a hatch and further access to the level above the hatch and the level below. We provided a two tiered RoofStep system that provided safe access to an inaccessible rooftop application by two tiers of offsetting stairs. The pre-engineered industrial platform and components provide safety compliance right from installation and additional guardrails provide fall protection on both levels.
Each RoofGuard Guardrail System is freestanding and counter-weighted, which means no cutting into the existing roof. RoofGuard systems utilize our nesting baseplate system to ensure optimum weight is allotted at engineered approved points. The railing has no direct or permanent attachment to your roof. No holes means there are no re-sealing worries.
Meets or exceeds all federal and provincial requirements, as well as ANSI and OSHA.
Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

This custom guardrail system was installed for an airport conveyor system to help workers with maintenance and any jams to keep the conveyors moving. This system was designed for easy installation with the piping cut beforehand so it was a quick bolt-on solution. The guardrail is u-bolted to the conveyor using the existing holes in the conveyor. The customer was extremely happy with both the look of the system and the short downtime required for the installation.

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