Aircraft Entry Stands Photo Gallery

These platform access stands are designed for aircraft entry access, for a variety of different aircraft. As with all our stands, we use anti-fatigue ladder rungs rather than narrow ladder rungs. This ensures comfort when using the stands to change LRU’S, adjust components or connect/disconnect engines and nacelles. These stands are currently in use at multiple operators, MRO’S and aircraft manufacturers.Have a look at some of aircraft entry projects below which demonstrates our experience in the aerospace and aviation industry.


Aircraft Entry Stand on a Royal Air Moroc 787

Our Aircraft Entry Stand was recently spotted servicing a Royal Air Moroc 787.

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Air Canada Aircraft Access Stand

The Aircraft Access Stand in use at Air Canada.

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Narrow Body Aircraft Access Stand at Air Canada

Designed specifically for Narrow Bodied Aircrafts, the Aircraft Access Stand is ideal for both Hangar and Runway use. Currently this model is tested and operational on the B737, A319, A320, A321, EMB175 and EMB190.

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Narrow Body Access Stand

Our Narrow Body Access Stand provides safe access to multiple Narrow Body Aircraft.

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