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Air Canada has purchased a variety of custom access platforms from Liftsafe over the past 10 years. Specifically, Air Canada has multiple Liftsafe Engine Access Stands in service. These units were... Read More
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Fall Protection Netting

Fall Protection Netting

Our Fall Protection Netting systems are designed to be installed quickly ensuring workers are safe when working at heights and that all debris is contained in the case of an accident.

Let’s face it, with high-rise construction projects, building maintenance and general construction at heights being performed daily, safety although important isn’t as high up on your list as it should be. With tight deadlines, strict budgets and short windows to work in, spending the time to research Fall Protection Netting Systems isn’t at the top of your list. But, it should be.

Every year throughout North America there are hundreds of accidents and thousands of unreported accidents that occur due to improperly installed or non-existent Fall Protection Systems. We can help.

Liftsafe Fall Protection is a leader in the fall protection industry and has extensive experience in netting systems designed to ensure high rise construction projects are safe.

Our systems are designed to be installed quickly ensuring your jobsite is safe and that all debris is contained in the case of an accident.

  • Ensure any debris is contained protecting individuals beneath a job
  • Protect workers on the same level as well as above (certain restrictions apply in terms of maximum fall distance allowable by OHSA and ANSI standards, details will be provided on standards based upon request)
  • Our systems utilize a combination of fall protection netting along with debris netting
  • Netting can be custom designed to suit your specific needs are met


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