RoofGuard Classic Systems for edge protection


RoofGuard Classic


Food Processing


Protection for access to security cameras and edge protection

This RoofGuard Classic rooftop guardrail system was installed at a food processing facility in order to allow for safe access to rooftop mechanical equipment and security cameras. RoofGuard Classic is a guardrail system which is a non-penetrating system, designed to eliminate the potential hazard from rooftop falls. With simplicity in mind when developed, this rooftop guardrail system can be quickly and easily assembled and installed on any flat or slightly sloped rooftop.
Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

This custom guardrail system was installed for an airport conveyor system to help workers with maintenance and any jams to keep the conveyors moving. This system was designed for easy installation with the piping cut beforehand so it was a quick bolt-on solution. The guardrail is u-bolted to the conveyor using the existing holes in the conveyor. The customer was extremely happy with both the look of the system and the short downtime required for the installation.

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