Mezzanine Safety Netting System


Fall Protection Netting






Fall Protection Netting

It is important to maintain a safe and healthy work environment. That’s why LFP has installed Mezzanine netting systems at many local manufacturing facilities, ensuring optimal safety while working on mezzanines.
The pictured mezzanine netting system was installed at a local manufacturing facility to ensure optimal safety while working on the pictured mezzanine. It was designed to extend the existing guardrail, allowing workers to safely access overhead equipment using portable ladders. This solution maximizes space and safety.
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Holland Homes Case Study

Liftsafe Fall Protection meets the fall protection and safety needs of multiple facility types. Our team was recently dispatched to a large senior living facility to do inspections. This complex is a senior health care centre with medical staff on hand to assist elderly residents. On the roof of the large complex are several large pieces of HVAC and air-cleaning equipment. An inspection of the equipment was required, and during that inspection, various fall safety risks were discovered.

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Engine Access stand built for B777

Engine Access Stand built for B777 Aircraft at Air Canada

Tested and operational at Air Canada; the Engine Access Stand has received exceptional reviews as this aircraft safety solution solved for the clients need to (a) immediately address their safety concerns (b) offer minimal impact to their hangar footprint and (c) could be easily moved/stored by one employee.

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