Conveyor Netting

Conveyor Netting

Our Conveyor Netting is designed to protect employees from product falling from overhead conveyor systems. Conveyor Netting is a cost effective solution that will improve facility safety.

In warehouses all over the world, overhead conveyor systems are being utilized to increase productivity and move product faster from point A to B. With this increase in efficiency comes an increase in potential injuries, due in part to falling or backed up product.

Working closely with our valued customers we have designed Conveyor Netting Systems that not only protect employees, but also protects the company from expensive product loss due to falls.

Our simple Conveyor Netting System can be installed quickly without interrupting day-to-day operations and will result in an immediate increase in safety throughout your facility. The costs associated with installing our system are minimal and often our netting solution pays for itself within the first year from decreasing product loss substantially.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to review your needs and we will work closely with you to design a custom or standard application that protects employees and products during regular conveyor operation.

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