Engine Access Stand built for Delta Airlines


Engine access stand




International Airport


Regular Engine Maintenance

Tested and operational; Delta Airlines takes delivery of a set of Engine Access Stands for routine maintenance. The feedback from this customer was incredible as they spoke about how the stands contained additional safety features such as tie-off points, anti-fatigue ladder steps, as well as a light-weight design with minimal footprint. Traditionally designed to access the nose cowl, fan cowl, and pylon disconnect zones these stands were quickly seen as a valuable platform to access other areas of the aircraft.
Engine Access stand built for B777

Engine Access Stand built for B777 Aircraft at Air Canada

Tested and operational at Air Canada; the Engine Access Stand has received exceptional reviews as this aircraft safety solution solved for the clients need to (a) immediately address their safety concerns (b) offer minimal impact to their hangar footprint and (c) could be easily moved/stored by one employee.

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Cargo Access Platform Stand built for 767 and A300 Aircraft

Aviation Platform Stand built for 767 and A300 Aircraft

The Aviation Platform Stand was originally engineered and designed to replace the “B” series stands (1 through 7) which were originally designed and produced in the early 1950’s to support the highly classified and state of the art B-52, KC-135 and several other new generation aircraft of the era.

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