RoofGuard Custom Guardrail Systems

We offer custom rooftop guardrail systems for instances such as: when a rooftop requires more coverage than what is available in a rooftop guardrail kit or when the rooftop has a unique layout and needs a more customized solution.
By investing in a custom rooftop fall prevention system you are ensuring that your company’s rooftop has optimal coverage to fully protect employees working at heights. Custom systems can include anything from a rooftop safety railing system across your entire rooftop, to building a rooftop guardrail system around your fixed access ladder in order to allow for easy and safe egress and ingress onto your rooftop.

RoofGuard has been designed to meet or exceed all major North American safety standards/regulations including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSI, OSHA, Canadian OHS & WorkSafeBC.

RGC KIT 18V2 wide

Mezzanine guardrail systems allow workers to access elevated areas within your facility or create more space inside your facility while still meeting the working at heights requirements set out by OHSA.

Pivoting guardrail gate system for loading a mezzanine

Hinged variable fittings that can be customized to fit any angle.

Mezzanine Guardrail

Custom gates designed with a pivoting gate that goes up and down to provide an easy drop off location on elevated platforms while ensuring workers are complying with working at heights requirements.

Custom RoofGuard Rooftop Guardrail

These custom rooftop guardrail systems allow for you to ensure the safety of your staff and contractors, even around unique obstructions that may be located on your rooftop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A worker shall be adequately protected by a guardrail system. Requirements for guardrails are found in the regulation for construction projects (s.26.1) . The regulation for industrial establishment (ss. 13 and 14) contains provisions for permanent guardrails. The regulation for construction projects provides that if it is not reasonably possible to install guardrails, a worker must be adequately protected by at least one of the following methods of fall protection:
    • Safety net
    • Travel Restraint system
    • Fall Arrest System
    • Fall Restricting System
  • More versatile than fixed-length steel rail systems.
  • Stackable base plates.
  • User friendly and ergonomic.
  • Lower labor costs
  • Everything on one skid (materials, tools, layout design) – low shipping costs.
  • Price! More attractive pricing for distributor partners – higher selling margins.
  • Aluminum rail systems “blend in” with the building and mechanical equipment.
  • Passive fall protection is the type of protection that does NOT require any action by people. Examples include: Guardrails, Safety Nets, etc.
  • Active fall protection is the type of protection that requires training and direct connection to an engineered fall protection system or anchor point. Examples include: Body Harnesses and Lanyards, Anchor Points, etc.
  • General rule: Try and develop protection that does not require active fall protection. “Engineer out the hazard”
  • Yes, all of our systems include a user manual, custom drawing, and detailed installation instructions. If needed, we do offer installation as well.
  • Arguably the easiest rooftop system on the market to install, all kits come with everything required to assemble this elegantly simple system.
  • Typically consists of 9 ft rail sections and 6 ft returns (tie-backs).
  • Returns have a minimum of 3 base plates on the end post to provide the necessary counterweight to allow the system to meet lateral force ratings.
  • Returns are positioned at a MAXIMUM of 27 ft intervals (3 sections of 9 ft rails).
  • Are my rooftop openings properly guarded to comply with current working at heights laws?
  • Am I, or any of my staff working within 6’ of the roof edge and require fall protection?
  • Do I need access to multiple rooftop elevations?
  • Are there trip hazards on my rooftop?
  • Is there frequently accessed equipment on my roof that may pose a risk?

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Why our Fall Prevention Systems are Right for You

All of the RoofGuard products are a cost-effective fall prevention solution.

All of our rooftop guardrail systems are designed in order to meet or exceed all North American Safety Standards.

With the addition of one of our rooftop fall prevention devices, you will be able to reduce PPE and training requirements of your staff and contractors.

All of our rooftop guardrail systems are safe and reliable fall prevention solutions.

Designed in order to be easily installed, many of our rooftop fall prevention systems can be installed with a single tool.

These fall prevention devices will help protect your employees from injury or death.

With the addition of a rooftop guardrail system, you will be able to reduce the potential for costly fines.

Every single one of the individual components used within these rooftop guardrail systems weighs under 40lbs.

The Hierarchy of Fall Protection Solutions

Elimination of Hazards

Passive Systems

Fall Restraint

Fall Arrest

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