Road Ranger, 18 ft Extension

Mobile Fall Protection System

ShadowThe Road Range is a mobile fall protection system that provides the necessary anchorage point right where you need it, indoors or out and is rated for highway towing up to 100km/h and has 18ft of extension.

This mobile fall protection system is perfect for use when maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment, or heavy machinery. The sleek, balanced design of this mobile fall protection system allows for easy highway towing and transport around the job site. Used in conjunction with a full-body harness and self-retracting lifeline, the mobile anchor provides a complete fall arrest system "on the go."

Technical Specifications

Max Height.
Weight Capacity.
310 lbs
Unit Weight.
3,120 lbs
Working Area
30-degrees from the anchor point
Dimensions When Towed.
Length 16'2", Height 6'7", width 6'3"
Dimensions When In Use.
Length 15' (excluding reach), Width of the unit with outriggers extended 11'11"
Adjustable Height.
2-in. ball coupler attaches to trucks or related towing devices

Features and Benefits 

Mobile Fall Protection System
  • The rugged steel construction and components of this mobile fall protection system provide superior strength to the competitor's systems
  • This mobile anchor allows for a single worker to move freely within a 30-degree work area in all directions
  • The integral outriggers provide firm support on work surfaces
  • This mobile anchor can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments

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