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Our RoofGuard Kits reduce set up and install time saving you money where it counts most, on the site. We have done the research and developed the solution for storage and shipping logistics. With the kits primary pre-assembled and a singular tool for installation, their modularity makes it easy to install. Our systems contain corrosion resistant aluminum tubing which allows for versatility during installation. It is a counterweighted system that can be quickly and easily assembled on most rooftops and requires no welding, drilling or bolting to the structure or the rooftop.

Our Rooftop Guardrail Solutions are available in 9’ Classic Rooftop Guardrail, 18’ Classic Fall Prevention Guardrail System, and our Classic 27’ of Leading Edge Guardrail Protection, as well as our roof hatch guardrail system HatchGuard; all of these rooftop guardrail systems are all available in kit format. These rooftop guardrail systems can be adapted to virtually any application. With a modular design and availability of a variety of fittings enables us to adapt, engineer and design systems for virtually any application.

Shipped in a crate, our Kits come primarily pre-assembled with a singular tool supplied for installation and simple to easy follow instructions.

One complete Crate ready to ship. Safety doesn’t get any simpler.

Our systems revolve around a unique, stackable, low profile 40lb baseplate. This design took into account all of the aspects required from manufacture, to transport, to storage, to installation ergonomics, to use. Our goal is to keep it simple. One tool is required for any installation and with the ease of having everything in one crate, it is a solid simplified safety application.

Interested in storing several of our kits for quick availability or distribution, our free standing, non-penetrating guardrail systems are configured in standard sizes to simplify ordering. This implies simplicity both from an installation side as well as a storage side, as the kits are shipped in crates.  They can be stacked on one another, and stacked horizontally or vertically for easier and quicker distribution on the job site or in your storage facility. It’s the optimal handling solution! The crates are easily stacked without damage. The guides on crate ease positioning of the forklift forks. And with the kits as an all in one, the availability to have them put onto the rooftop by crane, makes the installation process even simpler.

Our systems meet or exceed all industry standards and regulations for safety including Ontario MOL requirements, ANSIOSHAOHSA & WorkSafeBC regulation Part 4.58.

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