Truck Netting

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has recognized the challenges faced in the transportation industry when it comes to loading and unloading product off of a truck. Moving product to and from the truck is often dangerous for the employees and can be costly during product falls.

We have designed several types of Truck Netting Systems, which protect employees and product during regular day-to-day operations. Our systems are often customized by our Professional Engineers, as no two applications exactly the same. Your specific needs and special requirements will be taken into consideration and we will work closely with you to design a system that is both functional and reliable.


4 Permanent Truck Net Systems Get Installed

Responding to an immediate need, we Engineered, Fabricated and Supplied 4 Permanent Truck Netting Systems in the US. Our Truck Net System resolved an immediate fall protection concern and ensured the staff were protected during their day to day operations.

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Fixed Truck Netting System

Fixed Truck Net System Engineered, Supplied and Installed in a large facility in the United States.

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Portable Truck Net System

Responding to an immediate fall protection concern, we shipped three Portable Truck Net Systems down to the US.

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Truck Net System

We created a custom Truck Net System for a major North American distributor in the United States.

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Pivoting Truck Net System - Memphis Tennessee

Our Memphis Pivoting Net System was a custom Truck Net application designed to keep product and people safe!

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Truck Netting System

This custom Truck Netting system was designed to keep workers safe!

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Recessed Truck Netting Solution

This netting solution is designed to "fill in the gap" between the shop floor and the trailer in a recessed truck bay, in the event that someone took a miss-step off the side.

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