HatchGuard Guardrail kit with self closing gate






Hatch protection for rooftop opening

Shipped on one palette with everything you need, our HatchGuard Guardrail Kit checks off one of the major working at heights criteria in Canada. HatchGuard uses rooftop guardrail in order to provide immediate fall protection around hatches and openings that provide access to elevated surfaces (often rooftops). The kit is a safe, engineered and easy solution to keep workers safe. Each system utilizes a spring loaded gate, ensuring the gate is always in a secure position after roof entry.
Our unique kits require no roof membrane penetration which means no issues with resealing. Our counterweighted system meets and exceeds all federal and provincial working at heights regulations including MOL requirements, ANSI and OHSA as well as OSHA (United States). Liftsafe Fall Protection assists businesses looking to ensure their fall protection needs are met as effortlessly as possible.
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Holland Homes Case Study

Liftsafe Fall Protection meets the fall protection and safety needs of multiple facility types. Our team was recently dispatched to a large senior living facility to do inspections. This complex is a senior health care centre with medical staff on hand to assist elderly residents. On the roof of the large complex are several large pieces of HVAC and air-cleaning equipment. An inspection of the equipment was required, and during that inspection, various fall safety risks were discovered.

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Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

Guardrail System for Airport Conveyor Network

This custom guardrail system was installed for an airport conveyor system to help workers with maintenance and any jams to keep the conveyors moving. This system was designed for easy installation with the piping cut beforehand so it was a quick bolt-on solution. The guardrail is u-bolted to the conveyor using the existing holes in the conveyor. The customer was extremely happy with both the look of the system and the short downtime required for the installation.

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