Truck Netting Systems

Truck Netting Systems

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Falls off of flatbed trucks during loading and unloading operations are on the rise due in part to irregular materials such as steel, pipe, timber, unbalanced loads, and a lack of knowledge regarding Fall Protection Safety within the industry.

Companies are responsible to implement effective flatbed safety strategies and fall protection equipment, not only for their employees but for truck drivers who are responsible for load securement/tarping.

Slippery work surfaces, limited walking space and irregularly shaped loads can be the cause of a potential fall.

We have designed three versatile systems which include Standard Netting Solutions, Portable Netting Solutions, and Pivoting Netting Solutions to address these factors.

These systems are designed to eliminate the number of serious accidents whereby personnel is either fatally injured or suffer a significant injury from a fall. Our systems have proven themselves year after year - in 2018 alone, Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc., was informed of at least 25 people falling into our netting systems - all of them reported no injuries.

Fixed Truck Netting System Standard Truck Netting

Our Standard Truck Netting System is designed to mount directly to your facilities floor or wall, for both indoor and outdoor applications, and provides a “soft catch” for personnel who may fall during loading/unloading of materials.

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Portable Truck Netting System Portable Truck Netting

Fall Protection when and where you need it. Safety has never been simpler. Portable Truck Netting Systems have been professionally engineered to provide exceptional fall protection while allowing facilities the flexibility to move the system as needed.

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Pivoting Truck Netting Pivoting Truck Netting

Designed to eliminate fall protection concerns, while maximizing space; our Pivoting Truck Netting Systems are ideal for facilities that have multiple use bays, or where customers do not want to connect directly to the flatbed.

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