Truck Netting Systems

Truck Netting Systems

Reduce Product Loss with Netting

Falls off of flatbed trucks during loading and unloading operations are on the rise due in part to irregular materials such as steel, pipe, timber, unbalanced loads, and a lack of knowledge regarding Fall Protection Safety within the industry. Companies are responsible to implement effective flatbed safety strategies and fall protection equipment, not only for their employees but for truck drivers who are responsible for load securement/tarping.

Truck Netting (Flatbed Safety Solutions) attached to flatbeds that come in and out of your facility, can ensure that your employees and third party drivers alike have all the necessary fall protection to prevent serious injuries should someone fall. Our systems create a “soft catch” barrier to safeguard workers while they load and unload products and are designed to mount directly to your facility’s floor or wall. With our seven modular flatbed solutions, each built to fulfill the specific function of your facility by reducing the risk of falls from flatbeds. These solutions are designed to minimize fall protection problems as well as the need for further training or personal protective equipment (PPE).

All of our standard systems can be adjusted depending on the size, weight and load requirements of your facility and customized to fit your equipment needs. We work with our in-house professional engineers and fall prevention experts to construct a system that ensures the safety of your workers. The best safety system for your facility can be determined by our experienced netting specialists. We will review your facility layout and application requirements to recommend the best solution.

Fixed Truck Netting System Free Standing Truck Netting

Free Standing Truck Netting System is designed to eliminate fall protection concerns, while maximizing space; our Free Standing Truck Netting Systems are ideal for facilities that have multiple use bays, or where customers do not want to connect directly to the flatbed.

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Portable Truck Netting System Portable Truck Netting

Our Portable Truck Net Systems are designed to be used on areas where companies do not want to pour footings or permanently secure posts in place. Originally developed for outdoor use as a “tarping” or “load securement” station, these systems can be placed anywhere that there is a flat, level surface. If you decided to move the system 6 months down the road – all you need is a standard forklift. Bases have fork pockets built-in.

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Column Mounted Truck Netting Column Mounted Truck Netting

We have designed versatile systems mounted systems that are an ideal safety solution for facilities with multiple use bays or areas with limited space. Depending on the orientation of the column, our mounting brackets will surround the existing facility column for optimal support.

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Column Mounted Truck Netting Wall Mounted Truck Netting

The Wall Mounted Truck Netting System, also known as our “Fill in the Gap System,” protects small gaps between the shop floor and trailer bed in recessed bay applications where a post and net system is not suitable.

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