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Aerial Conveyor safety has been an increasing concern in North America, as it forces companies to create safe working environments without compromising efficiency and productivity.

Injuries and product loss relating to overhead conveyors cost employees millions of dollars annually. Protect your employees by installing conveyor netting systems to catch product from falling to the ground below.

Traditionally, the four main imminent concerns with Overhead Conveyor Systems include: injuries or deaths from falling objects (including product and conveyor components), extensive product loss/damage due to falls, damaged equipment due to product falls, and high insurance premiums.

Our Conveyor Netting Systems have been engineered to address and eliminate all of these concerns.

Conveyor Netting System Floor Mounted Conveyor Netting

One form of industrial conveyors found in warehouses are floor mounted systems. In terms of employee safety, the number one concern is product falling from the conveyor and striking someone below. The second concern is product damage/loss from a product fall. Liftsafe Fall Protection Conveyor netting systems can prevent both of these things from happening.

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Conveyor Netting System Ceiling Mounted Conveyor Netting

In order to maximize space in warehouses, companies install conveyor systems that are supported by the roof structure. Liftsafe Fall Protection provides conveyor netting systems that tie into the support structure to provide complete side converge as well as underneath converge to catch product

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