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DF081002Tire Trailer

The Aviation Tire Trailer was designed to provide safe and quick transportation of aircraft wheel assemblies, brakes and required tooling while maintaining the storage requirements of regulatory bodies (EASA, TC, FAA). Operational at both commercial and private/business jet operators, the Aviation Tire Trailer can be configured to carry B777 tires along with associated tire change jacks and tools, or a full ship set of tires for a CL-605.

We also offer the trailer configured for Nitrogen and/or Oxygen servicing.

Liftsafe Fall Protection has designed numerous sizes of standard and custom Tire Trailers based on operational needs. The low profile design and lightweight swing gates ensure safety of maintenance staff during use. Foam filled tires are available upon request. Our Professional Engineers will work with you to determine what size Aviation Tire Trailer works best within your operation.

Our Professional Engineers can design custom models based on your specific requirements.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Equipment:
“We find that Liftsafe is more than willing to work with us in creating safe, economical and multi-purpose designed equipment, tailored to our needs.”


  • Brake lifting hoist
  • Foam-filled tires
  • Solid tires
  • Full hard or soft cover
  • Nitrogen bottle holders
  • surge braking system
  • Tool boxes

Technical Specifications 

Part Number Designed to Access Movement Towing Speed
Part Number.
Designed For. 
Transport Wheel & Brake Assemblies
Pintle, Towed
Towing Speed
50 KPH/31 MPH
Material shipping Height Weight
Aluminum or
Shipping Info (DIMS). 
Contact Us
Height: 5 3/4"
Width: 116"
Weight Capacity.
1,134 kg/2,500 lbs
Fall Safety Padding Material
Fall Restraint Anchor Points.
Not Equipped
Padding Material
As Required


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