Aviation Fall Protection Systems

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. is a trusted and recognized provider of Overhead Fall Protection Systems for the Aviation Industry.

The challenges faced in the Aviation Industry in regards to fall protection during aircraft maintenance and repairs are highly unique and specialized. We recognize the need to provide reliable products to ensure optimum safety during routine aircraft maintenance, as well as systems that require minimal setup time to operate.

With this in mind, we have developed a number of fixed and portable systems designed specifically for the Aviation Industry.

Our Aviation Fall Protection System Configurations Include:

Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Systems

These custom engineered systems are ideal for in- hangar use and are permanent systems that can be customized for your specific application. This system can be configured to support multiple workers while ensuring optimum safety during routine maintenance and repairs. View our Systems Here.

Free Standing Aviation Fall Protection Systems

Typically utilized both outdoors and indoors, these systems are ideal for facilities which lack the required overhead structural support required for mounting a system. These permanent systems can be custom engineered for your specific requirements and can support either single or multiple workers. Custom heights, spans, cantilever design and support structures are available upon request.  View our Systems Here.

Portable Aviation Fall Protection Systems

Our Fall Protection Systems combine the benefits of a permanent fall protection system with sleek design and portability. These mobile systems are perfect for accessing various areas of an aircraft for inspection and maintenance purposes.  View our Systems Here.

Vacuum Based Fall Protection Systems 

Designed for versatility, our Vacuum Based Fall Protection Systems allow for complete flexibility during Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections. These systems are ideal for both hangar and runway use and can be utilized for both single and double worker safety.  View our Systems Here.

Travelling Bridge Fall Protection Systems

Traveling Bridge Fall Protection Systems employ an optimal design for use in larger maintenance applications such as aircraft hangars, aircraft production facilities, transportation vehicle maintenance facilities, and industrial applications.


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