Aircraft Tooling and Equipment

Aircraft Tooling & Equipment


At Liftsafe Fall Protection we do not take aircraft maintenance lightly. We combine to provide the most comprehensive product and service offerings throughout North America. Our experience and knowledge in the Aviation Industry allow us to offer tested and proven products and services to our extensive International client base.To learn more about our products and services give us a call with your specific Aircraft Tooling or Equipment questions and our expert team will be ready to assist you.

Our Aircraft Tooling and Equipment Product and Service Offerings Include:

Engine Access Stand
Maintenance Access Stands and Platforms

At Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. our products are engineered for specific aircraft applications to provide reliable and durable access in addition to fall protection. Working with our customers, we design, engineer, and fabricate custom access stands and ground support equipment for our extensive international customer base.

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Liftsafe has 25 years of experience inspecting and servicing axle jacks and tripod stands.  Certification and testing is completed to manufacture, industry and customer specifications.  We ensure safety and compliance to applicable standards. These services can be performed on a scheduled or unplanned service call basis.

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Tow Bars

Aircraft tow bar safety inspections and repairs are completed in accordance with manufacturer requirements.  These services can be performed on a scheduled or unplanned service call basis.

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Lifting Equipment

We design and build various application lift equipment. We provide full maintenance, NDT and re- certification load testing as required. We offer solutions in new and refurbished units to meet customer specific requirements, while maintaining safety and compliance standards.

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Engine Tooling

Liftsafe offers general repairs and re-certification of engine tooling in accordance with manufacturer and industry specifications.  Our in- house engineering team offers tool design capabilities based on end user requirements.  Our firm specializes in AOG solutions that can be customized to individual customer requirements.

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Tire and Brake Change Equipment

Liftsafe offers solutions from full mobile storage units to wheel assembly/brake assembly handling devices. Units are customized to fit the aircraft specifications of each operator. All compliance factors such as EASA, FAA and TC are maintained. Ease of use, from serviceable to unserviceable units are considered.

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Aviation Platform Stand
Service and Repairs

24/7 service is our specialty, with a full on-call mobile team providing servicing of your fall protection, overhead lifting systems, aircraft support tooling and equipment and a host of other services. We understand the term AOG and share the same sense of urgency as the operator does toward their passengers.

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Safety Inspections and Recurring Maintenance

With our state-of-the-art web- based data collection system, we can provide full compliance scheduling, recurring maintenance and mandatory safety inspections. This can be done via pre- alert emails and advanced scheduling, ensuring the operator/owner meets compliance at all times, and ensures down times have minimal or no impact on production.

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