Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions

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We Specialize in Innovative and Custom Engineered Fall Protection Solutions!

Having access to a full engineering, design, fabrication, and installation team enables us to create some unique and highly customized fall protection systems.

As a leading supplier of turn-key fall protection solutions, we take pride in working on complex projects and creating unique and reliable fall protection systems. We take into account the unique and highly specific demands of your fall protection concerns and create economical and reliable systems for your particular application.

Our Custom Product and Service Offerings Include.

Aviation Engineered Solutions

Engineered solutions are designed specifically for the Aviation Industry. At Liftsafe Fall Protection we have access to a full in-house engineering, design, and fabrication team. We specialize in Aviation and Aerospace Engineered Solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how our Engineered Solutions can increase safety at your facility, contact us below to request more information.

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Pic Mods

One of our major Pic Mod safety systems includes installing a fixed rail fall protection system onto the pic module in order to prevent product from fall off in addition to installing a life line to ensure that employees are safe when working on the system. Systems like these can be customized for your specific pic mod and will help to ensure that you are compliant with current safety standards.

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Custom Rooftop Guardrail Systems Custom Netting Solution - racking
Custom Rooftop Guardrail Systems

Is a rooftop guardrail kit not enough to keep your employees/contractors safe when working on your rooftop? Luckily we have a highly qualified team of fall prevention experts who would be proud to design a custom rooftop guardrail system for you.

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Custom Netting Systems

We offer a wide variety of different custom netting systems. From industrial walkway netting systems to barrier netting systems, netting can be used for a variety of different purposes in order to protect users from potential fall hazards.

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