Fall Safety Engineered Solutions

At Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. we know how important it is to get it right, after all it’s somebody’s life on the line. We have a full team of experts that will provide a safety solution for any fall hazard scenario.

Our Custom Product and Service Offerings Include.

pic mod safety systems Custom Rooftop Guardrail Systems
Aviation Engineered Solutions

Engineered solutions are designed specifically for the Aviation Industry. At Liftsafe Fall Protection we have access to a full in-house engineering, design, and fabrication team. We specialize in Aviation and Aerospace Engineered Solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how our Engineered Solutions can increase safety at your facility, contact us below to request more information.

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Pic Mods

We offer customized rail systems which allow the worker to tie-off to trolleys that run along the rail and can be positioned at the openings of the bays. This prevents the worker from getting too close to the edge.

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Custom Rooftop Guardrail Systems

Is a rooftop guardrail kit not enough to keep your employees/contractors safe when working on your rooftop? Luckily we have a highly qualified team of fall prevention experts who would be proud to design a custom rooftop guardrail system for you.



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Custom Netting Solution - racking Tanker Car Access Solutions lifelines
Custom Netting Systems

We offer a wide variety of different custom netting systems. From industrial walkway netting systems to barrier netting systems, netting can be used for a variety of different purposes in order to protect users from potential fall hazards.

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Tanker Car Access Solutions

We provide custom tanker car access solutions, the image above is a project that we designed, manufactured and installed for a client to allow for access to the tops of many tanker cars on two sets of tracks to unload from the top of the railcars. We designed a modified pipe-rack frame for their product, which also supports a runway for a mobile fall arrest cart. The cart can drive along the track and has two grates that can fold down on each side. An overhead rail provides fall arrest.

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Among our many lifeline projects was a long-span lifeline for a hydro dam.  Due to the potential for large debris (trees, ice jams) during high-water events, no intermediate cable supports could be utilized. The system spans the entire dam with a higher tension system that included heavy-duty end anchors to help keep the cable sag as low as possible.  Nearly every horizontal lifeline has a few unique elements that require expertise and a lot of experience.

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Standard and customized fall restraint systems ladder systems Mobile Fall Protection
Fall Restraint Systems 

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. is proud to offer a variety of fall restraint systems which can be paired perfectly with many of our standard and custom systems. These fall restraint lifeline systems and anchor tracks will help ensure your employees and contractors stay safe when working in potentially dangerous situations.

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Ladder Systems

This custom designed railcar access ladder was designed to allow easy access to the tops of several styles of railcars.  The unit uses a ramp access to accommodate different heights of cars.  It also comes with a winch-operated guardrail system that lowers down over the hatch area of the railcar.  When cleaning the tanks with the hatch open, users have access to a man-rated davit/retrieval system.  This system is incorporated into the main frame and can be used for an emergency extraction and fall protection when entering the tank.  The unit can be towed or moved with fork pockets.

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Mobile Fall Protection Systems

Mobile fall protection systems provide the necessary anchorage point right where you need it, indoors or out and are rated for highway towing up to 100km/h. These fall protection systems are perfect for use when maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment, or heavy machinery.

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