Engine Access Side Scroll Stand

DF071563-01Engine Access Side Scroll Stand

This engine access scroll stand is designed to access under C-duct engine core areas on large engine wide body aircraft. The engine access scroll stand integrates removable/ adjustable hand rails which allow for inboard or outboard use.

The side scroll stand is hydraulically actuated and vertically adjustable, providing a platform for 2 technicians to work on the engine core and pylon disconnect areas. The engine access side scroll stand contains a variety of safety features for workers, as well as for the aircraft itself. ATACS and rubber bumper pads protect the engine while in use.

Additionally, the stand contains anti-fatigue and anti-slip steps, as well as fail-safe hydraulic cylinder locks for height. All castors contain both brake and swivel locks.

Standard Features 

  • 4 corner levelling jacks
  • Fold away tow bars
  • Lift truck fork pockets


  • Air powered pump
  • Custom platform size and height ranges
  • Fall restraint anchor points
  • Utilities kit

Technical Specifications 

Part Number Designed to Access Movement Towing Speed
Part Number.
Designed For.
C-Duct Engine Core Areas
2 Person
Towing Speed
10 KPH/6 MPH
Foot Print shipping Height Weight
Foot Print.
138″ x 44″ /
350.5cm x 111.8cm
Shipping (DIMS).
159″ x 55″ /
403.9cm x 139.7cm
Extended: 105″ / 226.7cm
Collapsed: 83″ / 210.8cm
Weight Capacity.
1,000lbs / 450kg
Certifications Material Finish
ANSI-ASC A14.7, BS EN 131.7, CE, DIN EN 12312-8 & EN 1915-1
 Stair Angles.
Extended: 37 Degrees
Collapsed: 18 Degrees
Powder Coated Finish
User Caster Details Height Padding Material
Number of Users. 
2 User
Caster Details.
8″ / 20.3cm Split Castor with Brake and
Swivel Lock
Platform Size.
23″ x 69″ /
58.4cm x 175.3cm
Padding Material
Fall Safety
Fall Restraint Anchor Points.

Aircraft Applicability Chart

Aircraft Applicability Chart for the Engine Access Side Scroll Stand




Please contact us directly if you do not see your aircraft listed above.

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