Anchor Trolley

Anchor Trolley

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This anchor trolley is designed with cone teeth made of hardened alloy steel that acts as a braking mechanism and engages the steel track in the event of a fall. The engagement of the trolley teeth and track causes the trolley to anchor into place without changing the track, virtually eliminating post-fall drift. The anchor trolley greatly increases the opportunity for conscious and able-bodied workers to perform a self-rescue after a fall event. Requiring little maintenance, this trolley system is made from non-consumable materials while being weather and temperature-proof.

This fall restraint trolly system uses a simple design that engages automatically during a fall event. The attachment point for the self-retracting lanyard (SRL) hangs below the enclosed track. If at least 80 pounds of force, including the weight of the SRL, is exerted on the SRL attachment, the hands-free brakes will engage. When the brakes are engaged, a series of eight hardened-alloy steel contact points create friction against the enclosed track. The friction generated by the contact points, in conjunction with the weight of the worker, causes the trolley to stop all movement on the track. After the weight of the worker has been removed from the trolley, the contact points are lifted and the trolley can resume rolling along the track.

To ensure that you have a full range of motion while using the Anchor Trolley, our engineers designed the swivelling connector (where you attach your SRL) to have a 360-degree rotation and allow for 30-degree off-center loading.

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