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Delta Airlines has purchased 17 of the Liftsafe Engine Access Stands, for stations all around our system.

We use them in both the line maintenance and hangar maintenance to accomplish work on the...
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Delta Airlines,

Truck Netting

Truck Netting

Our Truck Netting systems protect employees and product during regular loading and unloading off flatbed trailers. Reduce wasted man-hours without compromising safety with a Truck Netting system.

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has recognized the challenges faced in the transportation industry, when it comes to loading and unloading product off of a truck. Moving product to and from the truck is often dangerous for the employees and can be costly during product falls.

We have designed several types of Truck Netting Systems, which is able to protect employees during regular day-to-day operations. Our systems are often customized by our Professional Engineers, as no two applications exactly the same. Your specific needs and special requirements will be taken into consideration and we will work closely with you to design a system that is both functional and reliable.

Our extensive customer base throughout North America has allowed us to gain valuable experience in providing efficient systems that reduce wasted man-hours without compromising safety. Defined as a “passive system” our Truck Netting requires no individual tie-offs and requires no overhead challenges such as those associated with a crane or lifeline. Our Truck Net Systems take only a matter of minutes to set up, ensuring no wasted time during loading/unloading. 

Call one of our Netting Systems Experts to learn about how we can ensure your employees and product are safe.

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