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Delta Airlines has purchased 17 of the Liftsafe Engine Access Stands, for stations all around our system.

We use them in both the line maintenance and hangar maintenance to accomplish work on the...
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Delta Airlines,

Our Current Innovations

In our continued effort to bring the most safety compliant and user friendly aircraft support equipment to you, our valued customer, please find the newest addition to our website. This area will allow review of our latest products and newest revisions. It will also have a direct link back to us with your feedback on these products, as well as any requirements we may not have covered.

Check here frequently for updates on the continuous evolution of products by Liftsafe Aviation.

Maintenance Staging System

AdaptaLift GSE

Maintenance Staging System

Our latest customer required a personalized solution for their state of the art military training facility. We designed, supplied and installed a maintenance staging system for a modified CC130 E-J Hercules Aircraft.

The modular platform provides access to all areas in and on the Fuselage and Structures Trainer (FAST), in addition to meeting requirements of the Canadian Labour Code and Ontario Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for fall protection/fall arrest.


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Welcome Adaptalift!

We are proud to announce that Liftsafe Fall Protection is partnering with Adaptalift. Adaptalift will be the official official distributor for Australia and New Zealand.  

Adaptalift Ground Support Equipment has a full range of ground support equipment designed for the aviation industry, and they are widely renowned as an industry leader in fleet management. We are extremely proud about this partnership and encourage you to visit their website in order to learn more about them.


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Introducing the Nose Cowl Stand

Aviation Tire Trailer

The Nose Cowl Stand

This new and innovative unit will allows for the safe removal and installation of the nose cowl without the need for an overhead crane. This is a ready to ship AOG unit, which has a light weight, and compact shipping configuration. 

The Nose Cowl Stand is able to handle the B757, B767, 319, 320 and 321 aircraft as well as the B737. 

Download Stand Drawing

If you have any questions feel free to email me
Or call me at 226-791-9284 for a quote today.  

Tire Trailer

Introducing the new and improved Tire Trailer!
We have re-designed the trailer and it is now better then ever. Weighing one ton, and with a bed length of 10' by 6' 6" in width this newly improved tire trailer will help you to optimize your aircraft maintenance! 

The tire trailer also features 2 piece rear doors/ramps to help make loading and unloading tires that much easier. 

NOTE: This is a customized product.

If you have any questions feel free to email me
or call me at 226-791-9284 for a quote today.  

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